Wellness tourism

We all know how important it is for us to focus on our wellbeing. With the constant pressure and fast paced lifestyle, there is nothing better than to go for a massage or a beauty treatment. In Mauritius, Well Med Trip is your best aide to connect you to some of the leading alternative medicinal practices like Ayurveda, Siddha, and Yoga etc. People from various parts of the world come to Mauritius to undergo a wide range of natural treatments and procedures for various medical conditions and ailments.
Wellness tourism in Mauritius attracts several tourists every year. The Wellness Industry is on the rise due to the increasing demands of wellness centric spas and resorts. Exotic locations, peaceful ambiance, trained professionals are just of the various factors that attract wellness tourists from various parts of the globe.

Different treatment or therapies offered

Alternative medicine is known to be one of the safest and effective forms of treatment. The ancient practices and techniques are very different from modern medicine and focus more on boosting the immune system and maintaining a proper balance within the body. Every practice has its own set of principles through which a treatment is decided. Some of the most common therapies and treatments offered are:

Wellness centric packages & deals




Chi Nei Tsang

Digital Detox

Tai Chi

Nature Bathing






Treat Yourself

Relax. Enjoy.

Wellness centric packages & deals

India offers a wide range of wellness centric packages and deals. The duration of these packages can range from a few hours to a few days depending on what you are looking for. From simple beauty treatments like a facial to weight loss and pain management therapies, you can find different ways to take care of any medical ailment or condition.
We at Well Med Trip medical tourism facilitator India have tied up with a few of the best wellness centric resorts and centres in various parts of the country. These resorts and centres have trained staff who specialise in various wellness centric therapies and treatments. We also have practising medical professionals and doctors who specialise in various alternative medicinal practises like Homeopathy, Ayurveda etc