In Vitro Fertilisation

AKA IVF, this is a fertilisation process wherein the egg is fertilised with the sperm in a glass compartment known as in vitro. This is one of the most popular forms of infertility treatment that many couples opt for in today’s time. In IVF the eggs are removed from the ovaries and stored in a special liquid. Post the fertilisation, the embryo is kept for 2-6 days before it is implanted back into the womb.

IVF with ICSI fertilisation

Known as ICSI-IVF, this is a specialised form of in vitro fertilisation that is used in case of repeated attempts to get pregnant through conventional IVF have failed or for men suffering from severe infertility. It is an advanced form of IVF wherein the sperm is injected directly into the egg. This process is beneficial for men who have abnormally shaped sperms, low sperm count or poor sperm movement. It is also recommended for men who are able to produce sperms but do not ejaculate sufficient amounts needed for fertilisation.