Elbow Surgery

Elbow Surgery is also known as Tennis Elbow Surgery or Elbow Arthroscopy. This surgical procedure is recommended in case there is damage to the tendons, cartilage or even to remove the loose pieces of the bone. Depending on the case and extent of the injury a patient can undergo an arthroscopy or open surgery.

Hand & Wrist Surgery

Cataract Surgery helps in removing the crystalline lenses of the eyes and replacing them with Artificial intraocular lenses or implants by making a small incision. This surgery helps to restore the vision that has reduced due to cataracts. In most cases, the success rate of a Cataract surgery is very high.

Hip Replacement Surgery

The Hip Replacement Surgery is advisable when the patient is suffering from a hip problem caused due to an injury or medical condition like arthritis. In this surgery, the joint is replaced with an artificial one that is made from plastic and metal components. This surgery is considered as the last resort when all other treatment methods have shown little to no results.

Hip Resurfacing

Hip Resurfacing helps to replace or repair the damaged cartilage or bone present within the socket. In this surgery, the surgeon does not remove the femoral head; instead, with the help of a smooth metal covering, it is trimmed and capped. The orthopedic surgeon will recommend the surgical procedure based on your needs.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Known to be one of the most common surgeries carried out; the knee replacement is recommended to correct leg deformities and for those who suffer from chronic knee pain. In this form of surgery, the damaged parts of the knee are replaced with metal and plastic parts.

Shoulder Surgery

A person may have to undergo a shoulder surgery in case of any damaged, wear and tear caused due to a serious injury or medical condition. Considered to be as a last resort, the surgical procedure of the shoulder helps to ease chronic pain, immobility and restores the shoulder’s flexibility and mobility.